About Me (and my Book Stuff)

I like to read.  I've always liked to read.  When I was a kid (a million years ago), I used to walk around with a book in my hands, reading.  This was well before we had the phones we have these days, and it was definitely NOT the usual thing to be walking around with some object in your hands, reading and oblivious to the world.  But that was me.

Over the course of time my reading shifted from books to newspapers and magazines, and then in the working world to memos and paper reports, and then screens of emails and PowerPoints.  Now that I'm on the other end of the working life, I find my reading interests have returned to books, though I still subscribe to paper (and digital) newspapers and magazines.

The books I'm reading now come from various sources - 1) books I buy (some new, some used), 2) books I bought in the past but am just now getting around to or am re-reading, 3) books and audiobooks I borrow from the library or download from other sources online.  

Almost all of these book sources these days are virtual, by which I mean that I don't have to leave the house or violate my pandemic seclusion to acquire them.  So that even includes the physical books that arrive at the house by mail, UPS or FedEx.

I guess that like other avid readers I have other interests as well, but for this blog it's all about the books.  The blog started as a secondary home for book reviews I've posted to Goodreads.  But I'd like it to become more than that.

Some of my thoughts and ideas on what's to come include more book reviews, but also some information I hope others will find helpful on sourcing books in our current situation.

Here are some of my current thoughts for future topics I'll cover - 

  • How to's on getting books for free, including:

    • Sources for free books on the internet
    • How to's on borrowing books and audiobooks from the library

  • Buying books and audiobooks online, including:
    • Buying used books - sources and reviews
    • Used books and authors - what's in it for them?
    • Buying new books - Amazon and Indies

I've got other ideas floating around in my head, half formed, but those above are the most real to me right now.  I'm interested to know what others might like to hear about.  If you have suggestions leave a comment below and let me know.

Thank you, and Happy Reading,