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Book Review: Galaxy Bound


Galaxy Bound by Vidar Hokstad

Galaxy Bound is the second book in the Sovereign Earth Cycle book series. Six books are planned by self-published author Vidar Hokstad. I reviewed the first book, The Year Before the End, back on July 1. Coincidentally Book 2 came out the same day. 

At the opening of the new book the gate between the Sol system and Alpha Centauri has been completed and is operational. The alien civilization responsible for the ring gate technology has established diplomatic relations with humanity and trade through the gates has begun. 

The aliens call themselves the Kriii'nai Empire but are often referred to as "The Centauri" by humans, while they in turn call us "Earthers". 

While trade relations have started, they are not going smoothly. Accusations of attacks on ships from the Sol system have led Earth and the Kriii'nai to agree to send a small civilian vessel to investigate. As part of the agreement a Sol system military officer and a Centauri diplomat are assigned to the vessel. This is the mission that Captain Zara Ortega and crew were offered at the end of Book 1, along with their ship the Black Rain

As with Book 1 this is an action packed thrill ride, this time through the gate and into Centauri space. Along the way we learn more about the Empire, and are introduced to bits and pieces of it's culture and technology, which I expect we'll learn more about as the series continues. 

Character development is more thorough in this book as Hokstad grounds us in the alien culture. The Centauri diplomat Soka is likely the most well developed character in the series so far and it's quite fun to see the story line through his eyes. As with the first book the action comes at you so fast that you don't really get time to feel like you know the Black Rain crew in the same depth that you get to know Soka.

The story line is tighter in this book as Hokstad did much of the heavy lifting for world building in Book 1 and so can proceed apace. It's an enjoyable story and makes for a great summertime read. I did like it a bit less than the first book - I think because the storyline didn't feel like it advanced the series as much as I'd hoped it would. 

If you are a fan of action packed science fiction series, check out the first two books of the Sovereign Earth Cycle series. Book 3 is expected to be released later this year. 

I give Galaxy Bound Three Stars ⭐⭐⭐. 


  • Galaxy Bound is self published by Hokstad Publishing and is available in Kindle and paperback formats from Amazon. 
  • I was provided a free review copy by the author in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

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