Book Spotlight: Murders At Blackwaterfoot


Murders at Blackwaterfoot by Miller Caldwell

As winter starts to make itself felt here in Northern Michigan, I'm settling down with a dandy little crime thriller!

Murders at Blackwaterfoot will be my 3rd book tour through Love Books Tours, a UK based outfit that offers review copies of books across a variety of genres for readers to read and review.

Watch for my full review November 30th.


Based at Lamlash on Arran, PC Rory Murdoch has a minimal caseload, giving him ample time to think about his daughter, Ella, and her special needs. Then three murders occur in close succession. His supervising officer, mainland-based D.I. Samuel Grant is not supportive. Can Rory stand up to this bully and undermine their superior? Rory receives a letter from Belgium and Ella has a remarkable insight both of which lead to High Court trials in Ayr. How can Rory cope with three murder trials while his mind is preoccupied with greater matters? This is a fast-paced story set on the stunningly beautiful island of Arran with elements of humour, pathos, romance and great sadness.


Miller Caldwell is a Scottish based writer of novels, biographies, self-help and children’s books. He holds a post-graduate degree from London University. He has had articles published in health magazines and The Scottish Review.

In a life of humanitarian work in Ghana, Pakistan and Scotland, he has gained remarkable insights into human nature through confronting Osama bin Laden near Abbottabad in 2006 and bringing an African President to tears in West Africa in 2002. He was the local chair of the Scottish Association for the Study of Offending for twelve years. He served on the committee of the Society of Authors in Scotland and was its events manager.

Miller plays a variety of brass, woodwind and keyboard instruments. They provide a break from writing. Married, he has two daughters and he lives in Dumfries.