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Steve's Book Stuff Has Moved!

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Book Spotlight: White Nights: A Coast-to-Coast Michigan Mystery

White Nights: A Coast-to-Coast Michigan Mystery by Deb Davies

I'm looking forward to reading this new mystery from indie author Deb Davies. It's the second in a series set in my home state of Michigan. This one is set on Manistique Lake, only a couple hundred miles from my home in our state's rugged and beautiful Upper Peninsula.  

The book is due out April 19th, and I'll have a review for you before then. In the meantime a big thank you to BHC Press and LibraryThing for the advanced copy!


Darkness and mystery follow four friends to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, threatening them at every turn…

Laurel and Arnie are delighted when their friends Claire and Charles join them for a visit at their summer home. Tucked away on beautiful Manistique Lake in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it’s the perfect place for everyone to relax and enjoy all the state has to offer.

Their vacation doesn’t stay peaceful for long, however, when former cop Arnie is drawn into an ongoing investigation. Although it appears the victim, Maddy Pierce, may have committed suicide, other evidence points to the possibility of murder.

Investigating Maddy’s death involves the group more than they had imagined, and soon their trip goes from good to wrong. It’s apparent they have a malicious enemy and that someone is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Maddy’s death a mystery. 


Deb Davies enjoys writing mysteries about her favorite place: Michigan. 

She is passionate about rescued animals and nature, and also enjoys classical music. She resides with her husband, Rick, in an old farmhouse, and they summer in a cabin on a trout stream near Luzerne, Michigan.

Northern Light is the debut novel in her Coast-to-Coast Michigan Mystery series.

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