Book Spotlight: Dogma of the Five Kingdoms

Dogma of the Five Kingdoms by Charles K. Jordan

Today, March 24, 2022, is Publication Day for Book 2 of Charles K. Jordan's Five Kingdoms of Cordizal series. Congratulations Charles! 

One of the best things about book blogging has been the opportunity to work with and support indie authors like Charles. I first had an opportunity to chat with Charles back in October of last year, when I was introduced to his first book, Scourge of the Five Kingdoms. His debut fantasy novel is filled with well drawn characters plotting to advance their own agendas as the continent of Cordizal descends into war. It's a great read, as I talked about in my review. 

Along with the opportunity to read great books like Scourge, I'm happy to support indie authors because I'm somewhat in awe of their ability to not only create great books, but to also tackle the business of publishing too. Along those lines, Charles tells me that he's been busy making changes on the publishing end - changes that he hopes will allow him to make more content available more quickly.

A side effect of those changes is that Book 1 now has a new ASIN. Practically, all that means is, that if you were to search for Book 1 on Amazon using the old ASIN it wouldn't show up. Luckily, Kindle readers who have already purchased Book 1 under the old ASIN will still find that it's in their libraries. And there it will continue to be, even if they remove it locally from their devices.  

To celebrate Book 2's Publication Day Charles is offering the first book in the series, Scourge of the Five Kingdoms, FREE for five days starting today, March 24. Take advantage of the offer here.

Now that Book 2 is here I'm looking forward to continuing the adventure. I hope to have a review of the book available sometime next month. In the meantime here's a bit about Charles and Book Two of  The Five Kingdoms of Cordizal series:


The Consul is at a loss. Despite their initial overconfidence and the best efforts of the Five Kingdom's combined military, the undead Scourge still plague the realm.

In Xandra, divine revelations and interventions ignite a dogmatic struggle between religious sects, pushing the nation toward civil war and hindering Xandran participation in the fight against the Scourge.

Prince Fortexxt, renowned for his honor and trustworthiness, takes responsibility for a mysterious stranger who appears to be more than she seems. Shortly after this pivotal decision, events escalate, and he finds himself trapped between promise and duty. From this point on, every decision he makes will impact the future of his people.

Gaiaus, the newest True Brother, is starting to understand what it means to make a deal with a daemon. His unique strengths and abilities are vast and varied but come with a steep price. That price, in this case, is that he must do the bidding of Ta'Lin, no matter how demeaning or despicable those orders may be. For now, it is a price he is willing to pay -- at least until a better opportunity comes along.

Pivotal pieces come and go as schemes succeed and fail. Who will be on the right side of history when the dust settles? Will there even be a Five Kingdoms left after the winds of change have blown across the continent?


Charles K. Jordan was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He attended university in his home state as well, where he studied Information Technology. After graduating, he decided to move abroad to experience more than what he had seen in the United States. He found his way to Japan in 2003, and since then, he has called Japan home.

Charles was always drawn to fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure. When he was a young child, the first novel he read was Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery by Deborah and James Howe, and from that point, he was hooked. Since then, he has found inspiration and heroes from various writers in all forms of media. Some of his heroes include Robert Jordan, J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, Quentin Tarantino, Terence Winter, Garth Ennis, and Glen Cook, just to name a few. Ever since that fateful day that led him to pick up Bunnicula, he knew his calling in life would be to create and hopefully contribute to someone’s growth and dreams.

Charles vowed to himself that no matter what happened in his life, he would never stop dreaming, writing, and creating.

Charles K. Jordan book links:

Charles is self-published, and both of his books are available now on Amazon. 

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